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How a 59% Boost in Revenue Provided Breathing Room to Scale

We talk a lot about mobile games here at Yodo1—it’s our passion, after all—but did you know that apps can also benefit from tailored ad optimization and monetization strategies?

Last year, we began working with Kenpasoft, a Brazilian app developer, on their ad monetization performance, which led to a remarkable revenue surge for them. Read on to learn more about how ad optimization can lead to next-level growth and change your roadmap. 

Problem: UA ROAS Wasn’t Hitting the Mark

Kenpasoft is the parent company of Brasileiro Apps, an Android-based developer that creates practical, accessible applications to meet the daily life needs of Brazilians. Their portfolio of apps includes financial, health, transport, and other tools that provide efficient and innovative solutions to enrich the lives of their users. Since their inception in 2022, Brasileiro Apps has gained popularity throughout Brazil; their most popular apps have over a million downloads.

Despite this, the company had struggled to scale as quickly as they would have liked, in large part due to narrow profit margins from the ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of their User Acquisition (UA) campaigns. Another way to say this is that revenue from monetized users wasn’t generating enough profit to reinvest into ambitious UA campaigns. A profit problem. Aside from this, they were not very happy with the level of support they were getting from their existing solution, Google Admob.

Specialized Ad Monetization to the Rescue

In June of 2023, Yodo1 connected with them and suggested they try MAS (Yodo1’s monetization solution).

A major benefit for them was that instead of the single ad network they were using, MAS gave them access to over 15 ad networks, and crucially, without the need to get involved with the nuts and bolts of ad optimization themselves–this is all taken care of by Yodo1’s experienced growth team. So, better performance and less hassle.


Kahyam, the founder of Brasileiro Apps, says,

I found you at a time when it was becoming very unproductive working with Google AdMob (at the time this platform was so well known for monetizing apps) and we were having recurring problems, either due to account deactivation that no one could figure out the reason for, with appeals going in vain, or due to monetization getting worse and worse.

Results to Fuel Growth

In Yodo1, Brasileiro Apps saw the potential for a partner who could fully understand the issues they were facing, and do something about it. Not only would Yodo1 take a major load off their shoulders by fully handling ad management and the waterful setup, but there was also the potential for a long-term partnership with an empathetic team of experts in game growth with a track record of amazing customer support. We always look at the bigger picture and bring all our resources to bear on the unique growth challenges our partners face. In this case, it was a growth bottleneck due to underwhelming ad performance. Things started with an initial test using one of their smaller apps.


Kahyam says,

When I discovered Yodo1, I tested it on my first application and saw the results, I was surprised, it was above my expectations, and both that and all the help I received in implementation and direct suggestions for my applications, convinced me even more that working with Yodo1 would be the future for my business to progress further. I hope we have a long-lasting partnership.

With great initial results, by September of 2023, Brasileiro Apps began onboarding the rest of their portfolio to MAS, including their largest app, Consulta Auxílios e Benefícios, which uses React Native. MAS was one of the first monetization solutions to support React Native, a fact that was crucial to them. 

The results were incredible. The app’s ARPDAU increased by 59% after a 7-day optimization period! This was driven by a few different factors: 

  • Interstitials eCPM: up 35%
  • App Open Ads IMPDAU: up 70%
  • The integration of banners 

About the boost in eCPM, Kahyam also adds:

After the partnership with Yodo1 I had impressive results, my main application had an average eCPM that was falling month by month, it was US$5, then it dropped to US$4 and was heading to US$3. After migrating to Yodo1, this app’s eCPM hit around $7 and is stable, making my earnings more predictable and scalable.

The massive boost proved to be a complete game-changer for the company and its business strategies.

Just think about it: what would a jump in revenue that huge mean to you? Whereas before it might have been a struggle just to stay afloat, such a significant increase would mean a windfall of resources to reinvest in growth and scale, which is exactly what Kenpasoft did.

With a higher ROAS, they can now focus on UA campaigns that they know will be more successful. And while before they might have been a bit cautious with their ad campaign choices, only running them for special events or holidays, for example, they can now make these decisions with more confidence in the results. It unlocked a cycle of winning and growth that continues to fuel increased growth for a massive win.

Strategically, getting help with their app monetization ensures that, with earnings on the rise, Brasileiro Apps has more time for strategic development and creative focus. On top of this, QuickPay with MAS means they can be paid quicker every month, and thus reinvest into UA campaigns faster. 

What Made the Difference?

Yodo1’s monetization solution and Growth Accelerator Program are tailored to the needs of each developer, whether they produce lifestyle solutions, games, or other apps. After installation, our world-class customer service is always on hand to answer questions, brainstorm solutions, and resolve issues as and when they arise.

Teaming up with an experienced ad monetization partner meant that  Brasileiro Apps could focus their time, effort, and resources on making their apps the best they can be—and creating new ones to enhance people’s lives.


Again, from Kahyam:

So far working with Yodo1 has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business, you perfectly meet my demands, which are quality and especially support.

At Yodo1, we love to see people making a living from their creativity, and we use our wide-ranging experience to make that a reality. Whatever kind of apps you create, if your user base is growing without a corresponding revenue increase, get in touch today: we can help you take it to the next level and create a growing, dynamic, sustainable business.