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Native Ads Coming to MAS

Native Ads Coming to MAS

by Alex Olthoff, Sales & Support | MAS Product Manager

At Yodo1, we pride ourselves on building a customer-centric culture and embracing best practices in product development. One such practice, a Press Release (PR) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), encourages the product manager to start the development of a new major feature by writing a press release and associated FAQs about the new product or feature.

In this instance, we wanted to share what a PRFAQ looks like for our latest, major Managed Ads Services (MAS) feature: Native Ads. We hope this format inspires you to think about your customers the next time you add a feature to your game/app!

Native Ads Just Got a Whole Lot Easier to Use Thanks to the MAS SDK

Native Ads are one of the most powerful ad types for app and game developers looking to create a better ad experience for their users and players. Unlike traditional, disruptive ads, Native Ads fit right in with the rest of the app, appearing to almost be part of the content or game. Made popular by Admob for Android apps, they are now available in our monetization MAS SDK, which will increase revenue for developers using the platform, while improving the experience for their players.

Other Solutions Are Time Consuming

While there are many viable, single ad network providers who can help developers use Native Ads, benefitting from the full power of Native Ads can be a challenge. It requires configuring a mediation provider, setting up and monitoring waterfalls, and integrating multiple ad networks into a game. This can take a week just to get set up, and far longer to optimize effectively, and often developers just choose single ad network solutions to avoid the complexity, thus sacrificing their revenue.

More Revenue, Less Effort

With Native Ads now a part of MAS, developers no longer have to struggle to access their full potential. Instead, by simply integrating MAS, they get access to the power of multiple mediations, each capable of running multiple ad networks that serve Native Ads. This means higher revenue with minimal effort.

We are excited to be bringing Native Ads to MAS. Our customers, indie developers trying to do better by themselves and their players and users, deserve an easy-to-use Native Ads solution that doesn’t require multiple ad network integrations and/or managing eCPM floors or bidding solutions. 

Now, with MAS they can get a seamless experience using the ad type and an automated solution for managing monetization of all the other major mobile ad types they rely on. Native ads on MAS promises to help thousands of developers more rapidly experiment with new app and game ideas, saving time on annoying integrations and making more to boot.

How to Get Started

Using Native ads with MAS is much like using any other ad type with MAS. Simply follow the 6-step process outlined at (just four steps on Unity with our NO CODE PLUGIN). Our dedicated Developer Support team will be there to assist you every step of the way, and even integrate the game for you for free if you don’t have time (ask about an “Integration Assist” in our chat).

Early Users Like It

Ikram Terkini, a developer and beta tester of the new Native Ads feature, had this to say: “It was easy, and the impact on my revenue has exceeded my expectations. I hadn’t tried Native Ads before because I knew they were challenging to set up, and I struggled to find a good use case. Now, I can confidently say that using them has paid off, and it was easy with MAS.”

Another beta tester, Raul Gonzalez, commented: “I had been using Native Ads with Admob for a while. They worked fine, but I was looking to try a new solution that brought me more revenue without the challenge of working with a mediator. When Yodo1 reached out and offered to let me beta test, I said yes right away. I am glad I did, because I’ve seen an increase in revenue not only from Natives, but all ad types I use in my game.”

Are you interested in trying out MAS and getting the full benefit of Native Ads? Check out our portal to get started at!


What size of Native Ads do you have?

We offer two sizes: small and medium. These sizes will adapt to your application, but you can think of small as approximately the size of a large banner (250 x 100 pixels) and the large size as slightly larger than an IAB medium rectangle banner (300 x 250).

What are the eCPMs for the Native Ads you offer?

This will vary considerably depending on the app. But as a rule of thumb, you can expect to see earnings close to those from a well-placed interstitial. You can evaluate your traffic in the MAS dashboard and consider how to make your app/game more attractive to players in countries where eCPMs are higher.

What do I need to do to set up Native Ads?

The process is simple:

  1. Submit your game to the MAS portal at if you haven’t already.

  2. Integrate the MAS SDK (you can use our No Code integration for Unity, or simple steps for several other platforms).

  3. Insert native ads into your game/app and release your game with MAS integrated.

How quickly can I Integrate MAS?

Typically, MAS takes 1-2 hours to integrate, but in good conditions, it can be integrated in 15 minutes! MAS is the easiest SDK in the world to integrate.

Are your Native Ads different to Admobs’?

Yes! We do use Admob’s Native Ads, but the Native Ads we provide are served from a range of networks included in MAS. This means these multiple ad networks are competing effectively to make sure you get the highest eCPMs and best fill rate for the Native Ads in your game.

By comparison, Admob Native ads come from 1 ad network, Admob, which means you have no guarantee that Admob is giving you the ads that are going to bring the most revenue to you.

How will I be paid when using MAS?

We pay you the revenue you earn from our ad networks every 30 days. We take a small cut from the overall payment. We deal with customers in over 100 countries with a strong payment partner, guaranteeing that you will receive your payments on time, in the currency you need, every time.

Is MAS an Ad Network?

No, MAS is a Managed Ad Service, which means we use the best ad networks and ad mediators for your game. We do this using a powerful AI algorithm that has been used to increase the revenue of developers around the world by as much as 500%!

Can you help me with the MAS integration?

Absolutely! Our Developer Support team is best in class, and with employees, across the world, there’s always someone available to help. If you have any additional questions, please email us at