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Optimization In Action: How MAS Raised Kiseki’s Ad Revenue

What happens when you put Managed Ad Services (MAS) to work? Let’s ask Kiseki Games.

This two-man developer team is based out of Sydney and Brisbane, Australia. Though they started small in 2016, one of their most notable titles—Infinite Pool—has reached a million downloads since its launch just over a year ago.

As the game grew in popularity, Kiseki reached out to Yodo1. Having heard how we helped Steppy Pants become a chart-topper in Japan, they were interested in what we could do for them.

We introduced MAS, started digging into their metrics, and soon found that we could significantly improve Infinite Pool’s ad revenue. Kiseki shared our confidence that optimized ad design, more actively managed ad waterfalls, and strategically priced ad bids could go a long way and began integrating our SDK.

Infinite Pool, Before and After MAS

“Integration was straightforward and painless. Yodo1 was constantly on call to address any kind of issue we ran into and test out the build to confirm that everything was working.”

On the outset, our aim was to improve their ARPDAU by 20% globally and 50% in China. The outcome, however, surpassed all expectations.

“When we were ready to launch in May, the results were fantastic. We launched our 2.0 build with MAS and the immediate results surpassed all of our highest highs from the past. Just after launch, revenue for the first week was 60% higher than our second-highest-grossing week.”

As the buzz of the feature period died down, the user count returned to a more stable, organic level—but that didn’t mean the improvement in ARPDAU was lost.

Compared to their previous non-feature-period metrics, Kiseki’s MAS-integrated build maintained a 25% improvement in eCPMs across all formats in tier-1 countries and an impressive 70% in China. In overall revenue, the ad optimization resulted in a 30% increase.

Infinite Pool, Before and After MAS

“Prior to signing our partnership, Yodo1 answered all our questions. They made sure we were comfortable with all the numbers and aware of the potential value we were missing out on by having a more ‘hands-on’ approach that Yodo1 provides with MAS. I can certainly say they delivered.”

Looking Ahead

Launching the game with MAS has already proven successful but Yodo1’s job of improving Infinite Pool’s ARPDAU is far from over. As we learn about the player base and test buying strategies for the game, we will continue to maximize Kiseki’s ad monetization and raise their average daily ad revenue to new heights.

“From the very beginning, our arrangement with Yodo1 always felt more like a partnership than a typical business relationship. They were always ready to genuinely help as we prepared our 2.0 launch. We’re excited to continue improving Infinite Pool’s monetization and hopefully extend our collaborations with Yodo1 moving forward.”

Partner for Success

Partner for Success

Though Kiseki started off managing ads themselves, partnering with our team has helped them drive more revenue than they ever could have imagined on their own.

At the end of the day, our experience with numerous developers tells us that letting a knowledgeable ad ops team take a hands-on approach to mobile ad management is a sure way to increase your revenue.

Yodo1’s Managed Ad Services (MAS) is a tried-and-proven formula for more cash with less fuss. Get in touch via the contact button on the header menu to find out how a partnership with us can elevate your game.