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Downloads Growing But Revenue Slowing MAS Resolves Disconnect

Downloads Growing But Revenue Slowing – MAS Resolves Disconnect

Multiple monetization techniques optimized ARPDAU and boosted revenue to the number we were expecting. Achieved within days of SDK installation.

Nick Madonna, the founder and driving
force behind the PHL Collective, had a deep love for art, video games,
and comic books in his formative years. He continued to pursue these
interests in college when he first started making games after many years
of studying and playing them. 

Ultimately, this led to the
decision to roll his passions into a full-time career, one that he is
still excited about every single day. “It’s impressive,” says Nick. “The
industry is still very young, and there is constant innovation
happening which offers so much opportunity to explore, grow and push the
medium forward.”

PHL Collective is now a successful US-based game
studio consisting of several dozen programmers and artists driven to
create bold and unique titles. With many highly successful games in its
portfolio, the company continues its mission to design games for players
of all ages available on console, PC, and mobile devices.

Performance issues in monetization required urgent attention

game demand grew, the company noticed a significant disconnect between
increased downloads and resulting revenue. In the fantasy adventure game
Goozy, for instance, players were downloading the game in huge numbers.
However, this did not convert into more revenue with the monetization
solution they were using. In a nutshell, the game struggled with
monetization performance issues, a situation which needed urgent
attention to serve and satisfy the increasing number of players
downloading it.

“We assessed Yodo1’s MAS to be the best available option.”

further investigation, Nick and his team realized the current
monetization strategy centering around the Unity Ads Network had to
change. A substantial effort was made to find the best solution, and
after much market research, one was found. In 2020, the company decided
to align monetization with Yodo1’s Managed Ad Services (MAS). MAS, they
concluded, was the best available option to address the issues they were

A crucial factor in their decision was the way Yodo1’s
solution works. MAS uses AI-powered tools to manage ad mediation between
the top-performing networks by automatically selecting the ads that
favor developers the most. The first game PHL Collective used to test
the new monetization system was Goozy, a game released in partnership
with a YouTube influencer with 20m followers – FGteev.

“Revenue more than doubled, and the amount of support we’ve received is absolutely first class.”

committed to migrating monetization to Yodo1, PHL Collective was able
to integrate the MAS SDK in Goozy and deploy an update across all
platforms very quickly. A new system using multiple monetization
techniques to ensure optimal revenue per player (ARPDAU) was up and
running in a matter of days. “The MAS team has been very hands-on and
helpful when it comes to integration and maintenance,” Nick explained.
“The constant contact has been absolutely incredible.”

MAS kicked
in immediately after the update. Nick noticed a boost in revenue
straight away and began to see the numbers they had been expecting. This
amounted to more than double the amount received using the old system.
Introducing a new strategy to optimize monetization has come at the
perfect time for the PHL Collective, who are currently busy on many new
and exciting projects. 

“After our positive experience with MAS,”
Nick concludes, “it’s safe to say that we will continue to monetize with
Yodo1 exclusively for all our future games.” Moving forward, the
company has been true to its word with the release of FGeeTV Soundboard,
their second and latest game using MAS for monetization. 

Partner with the best!

these challenges sound familiar to you?  Does your game’s monetization
system need an upgrade to reach its full revenue potential? It’s easy to
get started: just go to our MAS Portal to register and set up MAS for your game in three easy steps, or book an appointment with a Games Growth Specialist here to learn more.