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QuickClickGames: 3x Mobile Game Ad Revenue with MAS

We had the players, but revenue was stagnant before MAS. Now we’re flying on iOs and Android.

Eugene Osypa had been thinking about creating his first mobile game since 2007. When a developers’ studio in Kiev, Ukraine, disbanded a few years later, he finally got the team he needed to make it happen. With a game designer, a programmer, and an artist, QuickClickGames created its first title. Today, the team is working on multiple projects, including Temple of Life and the Imperial Island series. Their latest video game, Magica Travel Agency, is a Match-3 title with compelling graphics, addictive gameplay, and immersive user experience.

The Challenge: Great Game, Little Revenue

Eugene created the Match-3 F2P game Magica Travel Agency in 2016. Pouring heart and soul into the project, he invested over a hundred thousand dollars in a title he knew had the potential to succeed. Without enough immediate interest from global publishers, Eugene decided to launch the game himself on Google Play and the App Store. Magica Travel Agency was quickly praised by player sand, after being featured on Google Play, the mobile app received an influx of new users that allowed the studio to develop the project further. Still, Eugene says, the problem from day one was making a profit from ads: even when Magica Travel Agency was getting lots of new players, revenue was stagnant.

The Solution: Making Mobile Game Ads 3x More Profitable with MAS

Before partnering with Yodo1, QuickClickGames tried working with a traditional ad network. But they still weren’t getting the kind of profit they were after. Once they found our Managed Ad Services — or MAS, things started to change.

“The implementation of Yodo1’s SDK was smooth as could be because the MAS team provided almost 24/7 support. They gave me all the information I needed, helped in real-time to get us set up on their platform, and more—solving any issue in a short time. To date, I do not know anyone who can offer a larger eCPM than Yodo1.”

MAS did more than sustain the game: its optimized monetization strategy increased mobile game ad revenue by three times, tripling eCPM on Android and doubling it on iOS. In addition to monetization, Eugene looks forward to taking advantage of the other services Yodo1’s unique platform has to offer. For now, we are collecting the game’s performance metrics so that we can determine which opportunities can be made available to his studio in the future.

“If you want to increase your profit from ads, I highly recommend trying Yodo1’s Managed Ad Services. Once you install their SDK, you’ll see your ad revenue increase the very next day.” –Eugene, QuickClickGames