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Optimized Monetization Gives Studio Room to Innovate

Moving to MAS enables Evgeniy Shavarakov to take Radar to the next level.
Optimized Monetization Game Revenue

Success Takes More Than a Great Game Idea

Evgeniy Shavarakov had always dreamed of making games with virtual worlds. Like many aspiring indie developers, his goal was to carve out a full-time career in the industry. This ambition came closer to reality back in 2009 with the launch of his game studio, Radar. However, establishing a business is merely a first step in the long and winding road towards cultivating long-lasting success in the highly competitive mobile games industry.

Maximizing Game Revenue is Time-Consuming

With ability and determination in abundance, Evgeniy had little difficulty in bringing his casual adventure spin creation, Fruit Master, to life. A game that combines addictive gameplay with the thrill of the slots, allowing friends and family to compete against each other in real-time.

Evgeniy also had a decent attempt at game monetization in as far as he had a system in place that made a profit. But the task of manually setting up price waterfalls, managing many ad networks, and harmonizing the two using ad mediation platform Applovin was time-consuming. The time spent working in this area to optimize revenue resulted in less time spent on game development and other marketing initiatives.

MAS Provides an Instant Solution to a Common Problem

Reduced monetization efficiency is a common problem many indie developers face in the early stages of their professional careers. Lacking the financial resources to dedicate towards this crucial area leaves many no other option but to work through the complexities alone. And not always with success. After struggling with the issue for some time, Evgeniy reached out to Yodo1, believing that the company’s MAS solution (Managed Ad Services) could be the answer to his problem.

Evgeniy did not have long to wait for confirmation. Fast and easy integration of the single MAS SDK automates the entire process of setting up price waterfalls and bidding on the highest paying ads from multiple ad networks. The new system was set up with minimal disruption, and because MAS allows the game to dynamically switch to the highest performing network, his revenue is now much higher than when he was using only Applovin.

With Monetization Solved, Radar Looks to Expansion

Partnering with Yodo1 to help better monetize his games was a big step for Evgeniy, but necessary to move his business forward. In addition to receiving an uptick in revenue, he also benefits from getting all profits in one easy-to-manage monthly payment. And most importantly, having a team of professionals ready to assist with optimization has freed up more time to focus on making great games.

With their monetization issues solved, Radar was now able to move on to their next big challenge: game marketing. Evgeniy Shavarakov turned his focus to growing his company, now has close to dozen employees, and is continuing to grow.

Partner With the Best

Optimizing multiple networks on your own can be a challenge. Yodo1 offers a simple solution that combines AI with our team of highly experienced monetization professionals who stand ready to make your life easier. Try it for yourself and discover the difference today.

Register on our MAS Portal and set up MAS AI automation in just three easy steps, or contact a Games Growth Specialist here to learn more.