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Reviews Are the Biggest Missed Opportunity for Game Growth–It’s Time to Change That

Downloads and retention. If a game is going to be successful over the long term, it all comes down to downloads and retention. The next obvious conclusion for any game developer is to do whatever you can to increase downloads, and maximize retention.

But of course, it’s easier said than done…

Reviews play a key role in both. Good reviews make more players decide to download a game. On the other hand, bad reviews scare away potential players. Reviews are a very important factor in both the discoverability of your game in the app stores and the conversion rate. That’s a fact.

With retention, players often leave reviews because they want to be heard. One reason they may leave the game is that…well, they don’t feel the developer is listening, or cares. That is why responding to reviews is so important. It can have a big impact on retention, and turn bad reviews into good reviews.

The problem is that responding to reviews and engaging with players takes a lot of work. Community managers do it as a full-time job, after all!

At Yodo1, we get it. We live it every day with the games we publish. And with over 10 years of experience engaging over 3 billion players, we have become very good at it. But one day, we asked ourselves if there was a way to make responding to reviews and engaging with players less time-consuming, more scalable, and more efficient. 

We decided that, yes, there was a way. We built it for our games, tested it extensively, and have now released it to the world. We call it FanCraft

Reviews Made Easy

Knowing how important it is to respond to reviews, how does it feel to see them piling up because you have so many things on your plate and you just can’t fully catch up? It’s probably not a good feeling.

But remember, reviews can make or break the long-term success of your game. Responding to them can mean the difference between a highly profitable game, and a game that becomes a total flop. Discoverability. Downloads. Retention. These depend on you responding to reviews and engaging with your players!

This is where FanCraft comes in. FanCraft is a groundbreaking product developed in-house by Yodo1 and uses generative AI to make responding to reviews easy. FanCraft streamlines the management process, allowing developers and community managers to maintain a genuine connection with their players—effortlessly. Oh, and there is no SDK to download.


What You Can Do with FanCraft

Automate review replies: FanCraft analyzes reviews across various app stores and generates personalized replies that take seconds to approve. It allows you to stay connected with your players while saving work hours and ensuring no feedback goes unnoticed.

Turn 1-star reviews into 5-star reviews: Negative reviews are inevitable but they don’t have to hurt your game. FanCraft recommends the best way to handle an unhappy player, giving you peace of mind at the push of a button.

Monitor player sentiment: FanCraft empowers you to find key areas for improvement across your community, then recommends steps based on Yodo1’s 10+ years of experience publishing hit games for billions of players. It means you can monitor your whole community in real time. 

On top of the main features, FanCraft:

  • Provides valuable insights into player behavior, preferences, and demographics that can help inform future development decisions.
  • Allows you to tailor replies to align with your game’s tone and style, ensuring a consistent brand voice across all communication channels.
  • Notifies you when new players leave new reviews, allowing you to engage in real-time. 
Engage Your Community in Minutes, Not Hours

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the reviews you haven’t responded to, knowing how critical it is to the long-term success of your game, it’s time to do something about it.

Your game’s reviews could be the biggest untapped resource you have. It’s time to give them the importance they deserve without all the blood, sweat, and tears. 

Gain back countless hours of your precious time and join leading developers already leveraging cutting-edge AI to make deeper connections with their players and grow their games. Experience FanCraft today with a free trial