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KTplays Live-ops Toolset Boosted Rodeo Stampede Sales by 11

KTplay’s Live-ops Toolset Boosted Rodeo Stampede Sales by 11%

Rodeo Stampede enhanced their marketing efforts by deeplinking between the in-game store and community, increasing sales by 11%.

Developers have long since understood the value of building communities around their apps, but managing dispersed groups on multiple external platforms is inefficient.

KT Play aggregates 100% of your users, under one roof, right inside your app.

A well-managed integrated community maximizes player engagement and interaction, resulting in higher player retention and ultimately – increased monetization opportunities.

Bringing the community to players makes it part of their gaming experience.

Players can share gaming experiences via text, images, and videos. They can post questions, share tactics and strategies while providing feedback to you in real-time.

Monitor, analyze, and influence community behavior in real-time

You can curate and program all community content by using KTPay’s live-ops toolset to influence player behavior inside the game.

Better managed communities are your ticket to increased player retention and revenue.

By using KTplay to manage their community more efficiently, Yodo1’s Rodeo Stampede was able to:

  • Generate +21 million video views on Douyin (TikTok)

  • Influence 20,000 downloads in less than a week

  • Significantly increase word of mouth interest and player retention

  • Eliminate negative feedback to maintain ratings and reduce workload

  • Deep-link between in-game store and community to boost sales by 11%

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