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Support is Always Awesome with MAS

“Support is Always Awesome with MAS!”

Ad mediation was a challenge until Time Plus Q tried Yodo1’s MAS

Like many talented mobile game entrepreneurs, Sri Prasanth had spent much of his freetime playing video games. His passion inspired him to create Time Plus Q Studios in 2011 with two friends and fellow gamers. Their aim is something that every game creator can relate to: they want to make unique and original titles that anyone can enjoy playing with family and friends, even when far apart. 

Ad Mediation Tested the Team’s Positive Outlook

For Sri and his partners, running a game business and making games is every bit as fun as playing them. “It’s a tough business,” acknowledged the studio’s co-founder, “but for us, competing with other game studios is like a game in itself. We love the challenges and the competition in this industry.” 

Their positive outlook was put to the test with a problem many indie creators encounter soon after creating a game: how to use ad mediators to optimize and ultimately maximize game revenue, as initial efforts with their first title fell short of expectations. This was primarily due to the complexity of their labor-intensive waterfall mechanism, which used up to a dozen ad networks. 

Solid Support and Rapid Response Time with MAS

Sri learned about Yodo1’s MAS beta platform in 2019, while working to resolve ongoing monetization issues, and decided to give it a try. Initially, the TimePlusQ team found integrating the MAS SDK a challenge, as back then there was no plugin available to support their Solar2D game engine and they had to integrate Yodo1’s solution natively.

They were happy to discover, though, that the Yodo1 support team was always available to help them through the process till they got the system up and running perfectly. “Support is always awesome with MAS,” Sri says, “and we love working with the very responsive MAS team. After installation, Yodo1 also provided ad design ideas from time to time which were phenomenal. This helped us to improve revenue significantly.” 

“With a Good System in Place, We Can Now Focus on Game Development.”

Switching to Yodo1’s MAS increased ad revenue by 15-20%, but that wasn’t the only benefit the company received. “Managing the ad mediation was always a challenge for us,” explains Sri. “MAS has taken care of our ad mediation concerns, and with a good system in place, we can now focus on game development and much more.” 

With additional time and resources at their disposal, the talented team plans to integrate MAS into their other games. The busy studio now has the freedom to push forward with plans for extra new features for existing games and fine-tuning additional improvements to in-game injection points for further revenue growth. 

Partner with the Best

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