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Yodo1 Holds First Pakistan Offline Developer Event

Yodo1 Holds First Pakistan Offline Developer Event

On December 4, 2021 Yodo1 held its first “Yodo1 Baithak”, an offline event in Lahore, Pakistan. It was an opportunity to finally meet in person some of the hundreds of talented developers across Pakistan that we’ve come to know over the last three years, our amazing MAS partners, as well as new friends.  

A Groundbreaking Gathering

“Yodo1 Baithak ” brought together some of the most influential gaming studios in Pakistan—including Kitchen Tale, Aptech Media and Five River Solutions—in a discussion moderated by the Yodo1 team. 

Over 70 developers in attendance had the opportunity to learn how these studios got started and the nuts and bolts of how they turned their dreams and passions into successful companies and businesses, with their games now enjoyed by millions of players. Highlights included not only their journey, but also how Yodo1’s tools, educational initiatives and support played a part in their success. 

It was a groundbreaking event, particularly post-Covid, and attendees found the connections forged to be powerful and encouraging. For those newer to the industry, meeting in person with some of the best known local developers and studios was like a free pass to pick their brains and learn from the best in class. Discovering what these movers and shakers in the industry did differently from others and what actions clicked and helped them get where they are now was invaluable to all who heard them.

Strengthening Existing Bonds, Forging New Ones

“An event like this will certainly strengthen Yodo1’s presence in Pakistan; it sends a clear message that Yodo1 means business and thus will strengthen the trust of clients both existing and potential,” said Asad Imran, an attendee from Libra Studios.

Ali Shah, Yodo1’s Head of Developer Experience, summarized the biggest takeaway of the event, saying “Social networking with existing customers and similar minded folks brings an important layer to existing relationships. We work from anywhere, but nothing beats actual face to face interaction! It was amazing to see the excitement among different groups, and attendees were able to ask their questions and get help and advice in person.”

Did you attend the event? We’d love to hear what the highlight was for you! This is just the first in a series of developer events we are planning in Pakistan, and if you couldn’t make this one, we look forward to seeing you at the next.

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