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Great eCPM and Stability with MAS

“Great eCPM and Stability with MAS!” - Alexander Tavintsev

With frequent game crashes during Ads, the SDK stability of MAS eliminated complaints and doubled eCPM.

Alexander Tavintsev from Krasnodar, Russia, has always loved video games; this former website designer’s life changed in 2016 when, after a simple Google search, he taught himself how to design games.

Just three months later his first game, Zombie Forest HD, was released. “After that, I could no longer do anything except create games!” Since then his one man studio has released eight games for Android, iOS and PC.

Zombie Forest HD is a hardcore survival simulation game set during—you guessed it!—a zombie apocalypse.

Complete with minigames, a heap of weapons and the possibility to play together with other players, the game will put your strategic planning skills to the test, in order to survive this global zombie outbreak.



The Challenge: Low eCPM and Fill-Rate, Too Many Crashes

With the majority of its user base located in Russia and the former USSR countries, the fill-rates and eCPM generated by the local ad mediation platforms
were not up to the standards Alexander was hoping for. Paired with instability SDK issues and difficulties in payment, Alexander needed a different solution.

“The game crashed quite often when displaying ads. In addition, one of my games was banned from Google Play for malicious code in one of the ad networks used in mediation. Some networks also did not allow the withdrawal of profits to residents of Russia.” — Alexander Tavintsev

The Solution: 2.5x eCPM and SDK Stability with Managed Ad Services

To Alexander’s delight, his eCPM is now 2.5 times higher than it used to be. The stability of the SDK is also a major plus, and complaints of the game crashing during ad runs are now rare.

SDK integration is very easy; just install the plugin and fill in your game IDs. There is an excellent debugger that will report any integration errors in the application itself.

“On the same day I signed up for MAS, a separate group chat was created for me on Skype, where they almost instantly reacted to all my messages. I can’t say enough good things about the support response speed! Don’t be afraid to experiment. Especially if you have problems with fill rate, low eCPM or application stability. In addition to increasing your income, you can increase the stability of your game and, from there, its rating.”

If some of Alexander Tavintsev’s challenges resonate with you, why not reach out? We love nothing more than working with developers to bring their games even greater success!

“You don’t need to register with any ad network yourself–it’s all taken care of. The dashboard inside the service is also very convenient – nothing superfluous, everything is intuitive.” –Alexander Tavintsev, Founder