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Monetization and Finding MAS With Revenue Generation

Calamansi Struggled with Hard Mediation Until Finding MAS

Yodo1’s MAS Helps Game-Making Family with Revenue Generation

It was the love of RPGs and horror PC games that convinced Vadim Bogdanov and his wife to learn everything they could about game development back in 2010. By doing so, they hoped to realize a shared dream of building their very own cool story game. 

With this ambition in mind, Vadim spent the next ten years learning everything he could about game engines and design while working for different game studios. Meanwhile, his wife got busy completing educational courses in UI/UX. The husband and wife team wanted to reach a point where the entire family could be involved in the adventure. It would include their 11-year-old son who is talented in 3D modeling, and their 8-year-old daughter, an excellent follower of game trends.

A new chapter in the family’s history began in the spring of 2021 with the creation of a new family business – Calamansi Studio. By combining the family’s abilities, they hoped to create something unique and interesting. “We have a lot of fun playing and making games,” explains Vadim. “For us, every new idea was a great experience and another chance to make others happy.”

“We Tried Several Monetization Platforms and Had Problems With Them all.” – Vadim Bogdanov, Calamansi Unity developer

Calamansi Studio faced two sizeable challenges early on: publishing stand-out games with broad appeal, and game monetization.

Vadim tried several monetization platforms and had difficulties with them all in one way or another. The main problem was with game integration. Some service providers require a separate sign-up and approach for each network (hard mediation). In these situations, correct implementation is only possible if the user has a lot of experience.

“Integrating Yodo1’s MAS Was So Easy, I Could Tell My 11-year-old Son How to Do it.” – Vadim Bogdanov, Calamansi Unity developer

After many attempts to find an easy-to-implement solution, Vadim learned about Yodo1’s MAS platform and decided to try it in one of their games. Unlike other systems, developers need only to insert a single line of code to integrate MAS into a game. 

“SDK integration was so easy,” says Vadim, “that I could tell my 11-year-old son how to do it. With good documentation and a support team available, issues were resolved immediately. Monetization was complete in 10 minutes.” The developer liked it instantly and decided to port all the company’s games onto MAS.

With a Proven Monetization System in Place, Calamansi Moves Forward with Confidence

With monetization resolved, Calamansi turned their attention to their other outstanding issue – revenue generation. So far, the games they had earned very little, and another approach was needed urgently. The team started working on new titles in different game genres to overcome the problem. The studio launched a nail art game – Nail Stack Salon, then a running game called Health DNA Run 3D before making the breakthrough with their third title. Fidget Trading Challenge 3D was a turning point for Calamansi, earning the company a regular daily revenue.

Partnering with Yodo1’s MAS proved to be an inspired move for Calamansi Studio. Free of the burden of spending countless hours setting up ad mediation, the team was able to focus on the most critical issue, developing games that could generate revenue. With a proven system in place, Vadim’s indie studio can move forward with plans to develop more of their ideas for exciting games.

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