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The Magic Behind Last Shelter: Survival's IP Crossover with The Walking Dead

Great things can happen when the right IP meets the right game in just the right way—for players and fans, it’s magic. One such collaboration launched on May 4th, 2023, when the universes of Last Shelter: Survival and AMC’s The Walking Dead converged.

Let’s dig into the making of this unique post-apocalyptic alliance.


Setting the Stage

Last Shelter: Survival, a mobile survival SLG with over 100 million downloads, was poised for its debut IP collaboration. The game’s publishers partnered with Yodo1’s IP licensing team to help identify that perfect match and then supervise the process on their behalf from inception to launch.

Enter The Walking Dead, AMC’s iconic television series, with its compelling story of survival in a world overrun by zombies. It was the obvious choice given the show’s narrative richness, iconic characters, and passionate fanbase. Yodo1’s previous collaboration with 37 Games, integrating their title Puzzles & Survival with The Walking Dead, further solidified this collaboration and underscored The Walking Dead’s status as the premier IP for zombie-themed mobile game integrations.

Last Shelter x The Walking Dead_Unite Stay Alive
Bridging Worlds 

One of the keys to a great crossover game event is finding common themes between the game and the chosen IP. With Last Shelter: Survival and The Walking Dead, it wasn’t just about zombies. The famous characters and stories from the television series aligned naturally with Last Shelter’s gameplay style, making it possible to craft a storyline that felt fresh yet familiar, leveraging both established elements from the show and the game’s core mechanics, as well as its monetization system.

Mobile game IP collaborations - Last Shelter x The Walking Dead_Crossover Event Countdown

This is where Yodo1’s IP licensing team stands above the rest. We don’t simply bring mobile games and IPs together, then hope for the best. We are meticulous at all stages, ensuring the best possible experience for players, and the best possible outcomes for our partners. For this collaboration, we were able to leverage our 12-year history as mobile game publishers, helping make the most of characters, story elements, and props, and then weaving it all together into an experience that made players feel right at home.


Overcoming the Challenges

Collaborations invariably face hurdles. The chance for misunderstandings and misalignments throughout the supervision process is always there. Yet our experience in bridging such gaps ensured that both the developer and AMC were not only heard but truly understood and that everyone was on the same page from day one. From business negotiations and proposal suggestions to overseeing commercial arrangements, and story elements, our specialist team’s involvement turned potential roadblocks into stepping stones.

Last Shelter x The Walking Dead_DARYL DIXON

Another potential hurdle: events can get watered down and have less impact when the supervision process isn’t carried out with attention to detail, a depth of knowledge across industries, and a clear vision of success from start to finish. In this case, folding in IP elements organically while being true to the show’s characters was key to the whole thing. 

We worked tirelessly to understand and respect the developer’s objectives, the nuances of the game, as well as AMC’s requirements around brand identity and integrity. As with all major IP holders, there are many approval stages along the way, which we were able to navigate smoothly. The end result? Well, see for yourself!

Looking Forward

This partnership shines a spotlight on Yodo1’s dual strengths. As a seasoned mobile gaming company and an industry-leading expert in IP licensing in games, we can do what others can’t: we leverage our strengths to understand games on a deep level, and then find the perfect IP to partner with. Then we guide the collaboration along a smooth track, every step of the way towards launch. We work hard to make each event fun and memorable for players, and of course profitable for all parties.

In today’s gaming market where IPs can elevate games to new heights, Yodo1 is uniquely positioned to help gaming studios and IP holders alike. And we have the track record to prove it. So if you are looking to dive into these exciting waters, reach out to our team today and find out how the wonderful world of IPs can enhance your game.