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Yodo1 IP Licensing: Why Major Game Studios Keep Coming Back

In an increasingly competitive mobile gaming industry, the quest for innovation and new growth strategies is relentless. To thrive, game studios must stay ahead of the curve so that they can tap into new audiences, and ultimately keep growing. One of the most effective strategies in recent years is the integration of popular Intellectual Properties (IPs) into games. 

As the bridge connecting game studios with IPs, Yodo1 has become a critical player in this emerging landscape. We work with top IPs like The Walking Dead, Transformers, Ninja Turtles, and many more to bring new audiences to mobile games, helping game studios achieve next-level growth. The era of IP collaborations is here to stay and set to grow in leaps and bounds. This article will cover some of the ways Yodo1 works to help studios take full advantage of this major trend, and why we’ve become the recurring go-to partner for games like Top War. 

Top War – A Partnership of Epic Proportions 
Top War, an addictive military simulation SLG from Rivergame, swiftly climbed to the top of the charts after its launch in 2019. With an eye on expanding its horizons into IP collaborations, Top War sought help from Yodo1’s IP licensing team, integrating the ever-iconic Transformers IP, one of many in our roster of iconic brands and IPs.
Yodo1 Top War – A Partnership of Epic Proportions IP Licensing

This collaboration was a massive success, ultimately bringing in over 13 million players in the first phase of the 2-week event and breaking a revenue record on the day of the launch. Given the massive performance of this first collaboration, Top War was eager to plan a second, citing Yodo1’s reliability and clear guidance throughout the process. After all, these deals are complex, resource intensive, and potentially risky. We help studios navigate challenges from day one to ensure that everybody wins.

Top War And Yodo1 IP Licensing

The second collaboration, this time integrating Pacific Rim, has also done extremely well, yet again boosting revenue and bringing whole new audiences to the game. Phase 2 of the Top War x Pacific Rim collaboration started on June 10th and promises nothing short of jam-packed action. Be sure to check out the trailer below.

How Yodo1 Facilitates Successful IP Collaborations

Yodo1’s role in IP collaborations goes well beyond simple mediation. For the Top War x Transformers collaboration, we leveraged our familiarity with the Transformers brand and worked closely with the developers to plan the collaboration from scratch, helping with character selection, discussing the story’s backdrop, and ensuring the IP would fit organically within the player experience. 

A crucial advantage here is our extensive publishing background. With hit games like Rodeo Stampede helping bring in over 1.5 billion players worldwide, a wealth of expertise can be brought to bear to ensure collaborations like these are massive hits. In the case of the Top War x Pacific Rim collaboration mentioned above, we were able to provide unique solutions throughout the development process. Pacific Rim’s Kaijus and Jaegers needed to feel fully integrated into the game, yet add freshness to the gameplay and feel like a special experience (a critical balance to get right). The event also had to tie into To War’s overall game economy and event monetization strategy, while considering the film series’ characters and the integrity of the IP. Again, these are complex dynamics and certainly not easy to navigate.

Top War And Yodo1 2
The Era of IPs in Mobile Games is Here

As more IP holders begin to see the appeal of bringing their IPs and brands to mobile gaming audiences, we feel there’s never been a better time for studios to catch this wave. The opportunities provided to game developers and studios to reach a new scale of players cannot be ignored. It’s happening now, and the trend isn’t going anywhere. 

Licensed IPS In Mobile Games

Leveraging 12 years of game publishing experience and six years of IP game operation and collaboration, we’ve become the go-to partner for game studios looking to access hundreds of top global IPs, including Sony, AMC, Legendary Pictures, and Hasbro. As an all-in-one platform, we offer full-stack support throughout the collaboration, consulting on negotiations, project management, operational supervision, insurance, operational authorization, dubbing, promotion, and celebrity image rights, to name a few. And since timing is key when it comes to a successful collaboration, we do all this within a four-month timeframe (on average).

This is not the time to watch the IP-licensing wave pass you by. Like Top War, look to a partner with the experience and breadth of know-how to help you navigate the complexities while gaining the massive upside of well-executed IP collaborations. If you’re ready to explore what’s possible, reach out to our IP licensing team to learn more.