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When Worlds Collide: Yodo1 Games Brings Legendary Entertainment’s Pacific Rim and Top War Together in a Groundbreaking Partnership

On 30th March 2023, an exciting collaboration kicks off between Legendary Entertainment’s renowned IP Pacific Rim and Rivergame’s flagship title Top War, enabled by the industry-leading expertise of Yodo1 Games’ IP licensing team.

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Yodo1, a leading gaming company, has successfully brought together the worlds of Pacific Rim and Top War to deliver a more integrated and engaging experience for players worldwide. This partnership showcases Yodo1’s expertise in fostering integrations and expanding the reach of iconic brands.

Let’s take a closer look at both sides of this collaboration. The exciting sci-fi franchise Pacific Rim captures audiences with its epic battles between Jaegers (giant human-operated robots) Kaiju (creatures from another dimension). And then there’s Top War, with its innovative blend of synthetic and strategic gameplay. Top War offers players a unique gaming experience with a low barrier to entry that sets it apart from traditional SLG games. Yodo1’s previous collaborations with Top War through IP integrations have contributed to the game’s remarkable rankings and milestone.

Yodo1 Games Brings Legendary Entertainments Pacific Rim and Top War Together

The integration will feature exciting additions such as Kaiju Attack and Jaeger Lab, promising to enhance the gameplay experience for fans of both Pacific Rim and Top War.

This groundbreaking partnership between Legendary’s Pacific Rim and Rivergame’s Top War, facilitated by Yodo1, is set to captivate players worldwide and bring about a whole new dimension in the mobile gaming experience.

About Legendary

Legendary Entertainment is a media company with film, television, digital, and comics divisions. They produce and deliver content to audiences worldwide, and have established themselves as a trusted brand with a library of popular intellectual property. Their productions have grossed over $19 billion worldwide.

About Rivergame

Rivergame is a Chinese developer focused on global markets. Their flagship title, Top War: Battle Game, is a fresh and addictive military simulation SLG. It was started in 2018 by developers and game players who aimed to create innovative and entertaining games. Rivergame has since gained a strong presence in the global mobile gaming market.

About Yodo1

Yodo1 is a cutting-edge game-tech company publishing multi-million dollar titles such as Rodeo Stampede and Crossy Road since 2010. The company has rapidly expanded its IP licensing business since its first collaboration with Hasbro’s Transformers in 2018.