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Team building: An Important Chapter in Yodo1’s WFA Story

Hiring top talents from across the world is a quick win for organizations like Yodo1, embracing work-from-anywhere (WFA). Top-performing employees equal top-performing businesses. It’s simple math, at least on the surface. 

However, onboarding individual high performers from around the world are just one part of the equation. Another essential element is bringing those talents together, discovering the chemistry, and molding them into a productive team with the bigger picture in mind. And the secret to achieving this? 

Team building. 

Thailand, Here We Come

Having been at WFA since January 2020 and seen the workforce grow from spanning two countries to now 28 across six continents, the desire for Yodo1 colleagues to connect in person and match faces to height, build, and humor grew stronger. 

With this in mind, the leadership decided the time was ripe for an off-site team-building exercise to align 2022 priorities but, more importantly, connect as people. 

Phuket, Thailand, it was. And fittingly, for an off-site taking place on either side of Valentine’s Day – there was no shortage of fondness and friendships. From team dinners at Baan Rim Pa to exploring and partying it up at Ko Pha Ngan, the vibe was more high school reunion-Esque than introductory. 

A feeling was palpable as parting messages poured in with time winding down. 

Much More Than Goodbyes

Ukrainian-born, U.S.-based Customer Success Team Lead Polina Ozhylevska was among the first to chime in: “We all met for the first time, but it felt like we knew each other forever. There was no awkwardness at all, more than team chemistry; there was just an authentic, warm vibe that resonated across the spaces we occupied. I love how masterfully we take advantage of our team’s diversity, learning from each other’s cultures and applying new communication styles. I can’t wait to do this again with more team members.”

HR Head Flo Alcasas, who traveled from her native Netherlands and played a critical organizing role, expressed: “Meeting our team has made me crazy proud to be part of Yodo1. It was amazing to discover how hard-working and passionate our people are and fun, interesting, and supportive of each other. It’s beautiful and an honor to be their HR: fourteen countries, 10+ languages, five+ religions, three business units, and one team. I’m very thankful to Yodo1 for making this happen. You’re amazing, despite all the organizational challenges. My call to action from this event is for teams and leaders to bring your people together this year. Even when things don’t go as planned, it’s worth it.”

U.K.-based IP Licensing, BD Fieldman Robinson’s message was: “I’ve never been in a company that has so many great people with such different backgrounds, expertise, and experience, which is backed up by all of you being even more fantastic in person than over a video call. A big shout out to the organizers, and I can’t wait to meet more of you in person, learn about you and what you do, and how we can support each other on this Yodo1 journey.”

Meanwhile, India-based Engineer Nitesh Oswal’s message to the team was: “I honestly don’t want to leave, but it looks like I have to (for now). This trip has pushed me to make several changes and roam around a bit more. Apart from the fun, meeting all the motivated people beyond their Zoom windows was lovely. It was fun to drop at everyone’s table; pair with them; find problems; new ideas, and solutions. Thank you for accepting my manic laugh, quirky humor, and random rants. I want to invite you to India and be your host.”

Lead organizer for the exercise and head of strategic partnerships Marina Espin said: “I have been at Yodo1 for three years, and this is undoubtedly the best and most rewarding experience I have had. This trip has made us stronger as a team, has allowed us to align and commit to our 2022 goals, and has helped us connect with our peers at different levels. Investing time and resources in organizing off-sites with your team is worth it.”

Elsewhere in the Caribbean, some 17,000 km on the other side of the world, a proud #yodie closes this article and marks his calendar for the next link-up.

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