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Adventures in Work-From-Anywhere with Yodo1

Snorkeling with sea turtles in Indonesia one month, catching NBA games the next. A stint living and DJing in the Caribbean. Home in South East Asia one day, Canada the next. Hanging out with people of 30+ nationalities. Visiting eight countries and four continents in three years.

These are not the stories of students on a gap year; this is the WFA life of some of our global team.

When Yodo1 switched to a fully flexible work-from-anywhere (WFA) policy in December 2020, doors opened for nomads to live their dream lives and take their job with them. The policy is simple: As long as you are excelling at your work, you can do it from any country in the world. 

For many Yodies, this has meant taking advantage of the flexible work hours to spend more time with family and friends, and several brave souls have fully embraced the nomadic and adventurous lifestyle that working from anywhere makes possible. 

These are their stories.


One Year, Four Countries, 14 Cities: Ismael Jorge Soler

Home Country: Spain, 

Currently Found In: Lombok, Indonesia

I have been with Yodo1 for 13 months now; I started on a commission basis as part of the Games Growth team and then graduated to full-time employment; I work to help developers to grow a sustainable economy with their free-to-play games. Before joining Yodo1 I worked in four different countries: I would move somewhere and start a new life, find a job there, etc, and live there for a while.

When I joined Yodo1 the WFA policies were certainly a great plus but I was also attracted by the opportunities this company gives you to grow. And thanks to the freedom provided by WFA I have worked from 14 cities across four countries over the last year, even meeting up with other Yodies like Felipe (see below) several times around the world! 

From snorkeling with sea turtles off the spectacular island of Gili Meno in Indonesia to indulging my love of the NBA by attending not one but 11 live games–including a playoff!–when I was in the US a few months ago, it has been one adventure after another! 

I’m glad that I can travel and still progress professionally without having to find a new job each time.


Living Different Lives: Felipe Gomez

Home Country: Chile 

Currently Found In: Back home in Chile

I have been with Yodo1 for about a year. I started as a Business Developer for MAS and in January this year I joined the publishing team. My job is to find Indie developers with great games and see if we can establish new partnerships with them in order to help them scale their games globally.

About five years ago I quit my corporate job in Chile and started traveling, first moving to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, to study Mandarin. After Taiwan, I moved to Barcelona and started working at a startup before moving to Zurich where I spent 2 years. I started looking for remote jobs because I wanted to be able to move forward with my career without having to be bound to any country. This is when I found out about Yodo1. I was looking for a job with this sort of freedom, and also one of my dreams was to join the gaming industry, which made the decision to join the company a no-brainer.

I am not really a big city person and I love that I can work while living in places like the Caribbean–it feels like living two completely different lives: I can be fully focused on a high performing job during the morning and next thing I know, I will be playing at a DJ gig in the middle of the jungle in the evening! 


WFA is a Lifestyle Gamechanger: Nadiia Marchynska

Home Country: Ukraine

Currently Found In: Vancouver, Canada

I’m the Head of Game Marketing and have been with Yodo1 since September last year. I was always a nomad at heart, but my previous jobs didn’t give me the opportunity to fully embrace my nomadic self. Yodo1’s WFA policy was definitely a game changer for me and helped me make the decision to give up on my settled-down office lifestyle.

I was in Vietnam when I joined Yodo1. Thanks to the flexibility WFA gave me, I was able to visit my hometown in Ukraine and see my family for the first time in three years. When the war started in Ukraine and my city started getting bombed I was actually luckily pulled out on a company trip to Thailand, which was destined to save my life. Despite this un-peaceful time in my life, thanks to WFA I was able to peacefully keep my job no matter where I was.

And thanks to WFA, I have once again relocatedthis time to Canada, and I plan to travel more soon! 


No Limits: Kemal Kalimov

Home Country: Kyrgyz Republic

Currently Found In: Back home in Kyrgyz Republic

I’ve been at Yodo1 for over two years now, starting as an Business Development Manager and now leading and training our Games Growth sales team. I love traveling and with Yodo1 I can work and travel around the whole world, there are no limits. I have been to around 20 countries already, four since joining Yodo1. I love our WFA policy: I have family and friends all over the world and I can visit them while I work.

Also, I love learning about different cultures and absorbing their way of living, their wisdom and knowledge. The things travel has taught me have helped me build and lead our international team of 20 Yodies representing 15 different countries from varied backgrounds–we are honestly one big family.

These two years with Yodo1 have helped me to grow and become a better version of myself both professionally and individually. I love the intercultural atmosphere, it really expands your horizons when you are learning from people who are anywhere from Japan to Venezuela!



Work/Life Balance Revolution: Flo Alcasas

Home Country: United States of America

Currently Found In: The Netherlands

I recently celebrated my three year anniversary with Yodo1, and it’s been quite a journey—literally and figuratively. Back when I was based in the Philippines, I wanted to go spend a few months in Australia but my then-employer wouldn’t let me. So I quit and started looking for online freelance work. 

That’s how I started at Yodo1. A lot has changed since then—I’m now the Head of HR—but one thing that hasn’t changed is that I can go anywhere, anytime, and still do my job. All I need is my laptop. It’s been great for my partner and daughter, allowing us to go on all kinds of adventures together as well as making it possible for me to take her to visit family in the US.

Plus, I love to travel! In the past three years with Yodo1, I’ve worked from Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, the USA, Germany, Ireland, andmost recentlyThailand. Most of the time, my partner and daughter come along. Since Covid we’ve established our home base here in the Netherlands but we still love traveling together as a family whenever we can. My dream is for us to be world-schooling nomads in a few years’ time. I’m also looking forward to meeting more colleagues from around the world!

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