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From Hollywood’s leading entertainment giants to anime and beyond, we facilitate the most outstanding collaboration events in the mobile gaming industry

Peaky Blinders x Mafia City

The Shelby family took over Mafia City in a special crossover event where players interacted with Peaky Blinders characters like Tommy and Arthur Shelby while navigating a gritty underworld. The storyline kicked off with the theft of Tommy’s racehorse, pulling players into a mix of the drama from Peaky Blinders and action-filled gameplay of Mafia City, enriching the game for both groups of fans.

TMNT x Match Masters

A thrilling collaboration between Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) and Match Masters saw beloved characters Leonardo,Michelangelo, Rafael and Donatello joining the game’s vibrant landscapes. Players enjoyed one-on-one duels, hunted for TMNT-themed stickers, and unlocked special boosters and outfits, enhancing their gaming experience.

Last Fortress x The Boys

In this unique team-up, The Boys characters Billy Butcher, Hughie Campbell, and Starlight jumped into the gritty world of Last Fortress: Underground. As players battled alongside these heroes, they were plunged into a wild, bold, and bloody journey, helping uncover the dark secrets behind Vought’s conspiracy and adding a fresh narrative layer to their gameplay.

Top War x Transformers

The collaboration between Top War and Transformers has witnessed three extraordinary integrations, building upon the tremendous success of the initial partnership. All seamlessly merged iconic Transformers characters with Top War’s SLG gameplay, offering exclusive skins and challenges. This blend captivated fans, resulting in a successful series of brand integrations that enhanced player engagement and revenue.

Pacific Rim x Topwar

The collaboration between Pacific Rim and Top War brought exciting battles with Jaegers and Kaijus into the strategy game. Players enjoyed new features like Kaiju Attack and Jaeger Lab, making the gameplay even more engaging and fun, and a hit among fans of both worlds.

My Little Pony x Mini World

In a playful partnership, the enchanting world of My Little Pony ventured into the sandbox-style multiplayer game Mini World, which allows players to build and explore virtual worlds made of blocks. My Little Pony holds a special place in the hearts of children worldwide, and the fusion captivated players, particularly young girls, enhancing engagement and adding a magical touch to the game, while boosting social media interaction and in-game creativity.

Puzzles & Survival x The Walking Dead

Puzzles & Survival celebrated its two-year anniversary by teaming up with hit zombie show The Walking Dead, featuring 10 events and four character skins. Players could partner with legends like Negan and Daryl, engaging in various in-game events to combat zombies and uncover secrets, enhancing the game and attracting fans.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang x Transformers

In a successful series of three integrations between Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) and Transformers, events have introduced Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron as skins for heroes in the game. Through the Transformers: Battle Paint activity, players collected sprays to redeem these skins, with additional Transformers-related rewards that kept players coming back for more.

G.I. JOE x Puzzles & Survival

In an electrifying crossover, G.I. JOE invaded Puzzles & Survival, bringing fan-favorite heroes and villains to battle against zombies. Players chose sides, allying with iconic characters like Snake Eyes and facing menacing foes like Storm Shadow in intense battles, as they unlocked G.I. JOE-themed rewards to aid in their survival journey.

The Walking Dead x Last Shelter

The Last Shelter: Survival x The Walking Dead event brought characters from the show into the game’s post-apocalyptic setting.Players teamed up with heroes like Daryl and Maggie to battle undead hordes, enhancing the game’s survival theme with The Walking Dead’s distinctive touch.

Transformers x Mini World

The Transformers x Mini World event brought Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron into the sandbox game, with new skins and themed activities. It was a thrill for young players to experience their beloved Transformers reimagined in an adorable block-based design. This engaging collaboration led to a substantial sales spike, with players loving the captivating blend of Transformers in Mini World’s creative landscape.


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